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New Product Launch: Open-Close on Cboe BZX, C2, EDGX Exchanges, Friday, September 6, 2019

Friday, December 20, 2019

Historical data and daily file subscriptions offering on volume summary for trading activity on a single exchange bucketing volume by origin (customer, professional customer, broker-dealer, and market maker), buying/selling, and opening/closing criteria.
Open-Close Cboe BZX exchange</br>
Open-Close Cboe BZX exchange – Subscription</br>
Open-Close Cboe C2 exchange</br>
Open-Close Cboe C2 exchange – Subscription</br>
Open-Close Cboe EDGX exchange</br>
Open-Close Cboe EDGX exchange – Subscription</br>
OPRA Data (Bulk) Discontinued</br>
Tuesday October 1, 2019</br></br>

The OPRA Data (Bulk) product has been discontinued and removed from the DataShop product catalog

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