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SIP Fees

The following table displays estimated amounts subscribers can expect to pay to the Securities Information Processors (SIPs) depending on access, usage, and redistribution. LiveVol’s estimates are for information only, and each SIP will determine and amend fees to its discretion. You will receive instructions for contacting the SIP(s), if applicable, at the end of your order. Please contact the SIP(s) to determine fees applicable to you. 


You will NOT be charged until all applicable approvals are processed

  Monthly Estimated Exchange Fees
Stock Option Index
Tape A Tape B Tape C
Access Real-Time $ 2,000   $ 1,000   $ 500   $ 600  $ 3.35/Subscriber
Delayed - -  $250/yr/firm  - $ 0.97/Subscriber
 Usage  Display Only - Real-Time $19-$45/Subscriber   $23/Subscriber   $24/Subscriber   $31.50/Subscriber  -
Non-Display - Customer/Firm Use $ 4,000  $ 2,000   $ 3,500   $ 2,000  -
Redistribution Real-Time $ 1,000   $ 1,000   $ 1,000   $ 1,500*  $ 1,700/year
Delayed - -  $ 250  - $ 1,700/year

*For OPRA, the Real-Time Redistribution fee is inclusive of Real-Time Access fee

Non-Display Use refers to accessing, processing or consuming data, whether delivered via direct and/or redistributor data feeds, for a purpose other than in support of the datafeed recipient’s display or further internal or external redistribution. It does not apply to the creation and use of derived data. Examples include, but not limited to: portfolio valuation, operations control programs, investment analysis, order verification, surveillance programs, risk management, compliance, trading (such as in a "black box" or a trading engine that performs automated trading, algorithmic trading or program trading, or generates arbitrage or program trading orders), automated order or quote generation and/or order pegging, and price referencing for algorithmic trading.