SIP Fees

The following info displays estimated amounts subscribers can expect to pay to the Securities Information Processors (SIPs) depending on access, usage, and redistribution. LiveVol's estimates are for information only, and each SIP will determine and amend fees to its discretion. You will receive instructions for contacting the SIP(s), if applicable, at the end of your order. Please contact the SIP(s) to determine fees applicable to you.

You will NOT be charged until all applicable approvals are processed



(estimated monthly fees, per subscriber)
Stock$66 - $92--
CME Futures$119.80--


(estimated monthly fees, per subscriber)
CME Futures$119.80--

Stock Data

(estimated monthly SIP fees)
UsageReal-Time Display$66-$92/subscriber

Options Data

(estimated monthly SIP fees)
UsageReal-Time Display$31.50/subscriber
RedistributionReal-Time*$1,500 + $0.03/query
* Real-Time usage fee is inclusive of access fee

Index Data

(estimated monthly SIP fees)
UsageReal-Time Display--
External DistributionReal-Time & Delayed$1,500

Data Providers


UTP: https://utpplan.com

If your subscription includes Nasdaq-listed securities, it is subject to approval and fees by UTP. The UTP fee schedule can be found on page 2-3 of the UTP Policies: http://www.utpplan.com/DOC/Datapolicies.pdf

If you are interested in Delayed UTP Level 1 Data for internal use, you will be liable for a $250 Annual Admin Fee. If you are interested in Delayed Data for external use, you will pay a $250 Annual Admin Fee plus $250 per month for the Delayed Redistributor Fee.

Internal usage is defined as distribution of UTP Level 1 data internally within the organization (i.e., to employees or authorized agents of the organization and/or within the premises of the Vendor) and External usage is defined as a distribution of UTP Level 1 data externally, to third-party Subscribers.

In order to apply for UTP approval, please complete the following agreements and application forms and contact admin@utpplan.com to begin the process.

CTA: https://www.ctaplan.com

The Consolidated Tape Association (CTA) oversees the dissemination of real-time trade and quote information in New York Stock Exchange LLC (Network A) and Bats, NYSE Arca, NYSE American and other regional exchange (Network B) listed securities.

Detailed fee info: https://www.ctaplan.com/pricing

Index Data

Cboe Global Index Feed: https://www.cboe.com/us/indices/accessing-index-data

The Cboe Global Index Feed is a market data service provided by Cboe Global Markets that delivers real-time index values on over 400 products. Featured values from Cboe include SPX and the VIX Spot. Additional products include values offered by Standard & Poor's/Dow Jones, FTSE Russell, Ameribor, Gemini, Merrill Lynch, Miller Howard, MSCI and Societe Generale.

Options Data

OPRA: https://www.opraplan.com

The Options Price Reporting Authority (OPRA) disseminates consolidated last sale and quotation information originating from the national securities exchanges that have been approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission to provide markets for the listing and trading of exchange-traded securities options.

The Real-Time Redistribution fee is inclusive of Real-Time Access fee.

Non-Display Use refers to accessing, processing or consuming data, whether delivered via direct and/or redistributor data feeds, for a purpose other than in support of the data feed recipient's display or further internal or external redistribution. It does not apply to the creation and use of derived data. Examples include, but not limited to: portfolio valuation, operations control programs, investment analysis, order verification, surveillance programs, risk management, compliance, trading (such as in a "black box" or a trading engine that performs automated trading, algorithmic trading or program trading, or generates arbitrage or program trading orders), automated order or quote generation and/or order pegging, and price referencing for algorithmic trading.

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