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Cboe Hanweck Borrow Intensity Indicators describe constant maturity synthetic lending rates derived from real-time option analytics.
The Cboe Australia Equity Broker Share Report is a T+3 report offering a full report, across every trade, occurring at T-3 of publication date.
Cboe Australia (formerly Chi-X Australia) equity end-of-day files recap the day's trading activity of ASX listed equity products and CXA uniquely listed products on Cboe Australia.
The Cboe Australia Market Share report is an end-of-day summary report covering equities trading activity per market participant and security for each trading day.
Multicast PITCH provides a history of real-time depth of book quotations and execution information with nearly half the latency of TCP PITCH and 20% fewer PITCH events. This is achieved by using binary messages (PITCH 2.0).
Record of disseminated executions on a Cboe book (CXE, BXE, DXE) with trade price, size, flags, side, and execution time
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