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Sorry - this product is no longer available

Open-Close Cboe C1 exchange Annual Subscription

Open-Close data is a volume summary file of trading activity on the Cboe C1 exchange (does not include activity from C2, BZX, or EDGX) that summarizes the volume (contracts traded) by origin (customer and firm orders only), original order size and the opening or closing position of the order. The Open-Close volume is further broken into categories of buy/sell, open/close and order size "buckets". The data for all Cboe (C1) securities goes back to 1990 and contains all series in an underlying security's chain-if it has volume. The Open-Close data is available as a data download by individual underlying symbols, or as a daily update that includes all Cboe (C1) traded options for the previous trade day's data going forward, and as bulk data that includes all Cboe (C1) traded securities for the time frame chosen. Click here for Open-Close pricing.

*The Cboe Options Exchange (C1) will be migrating to Bats technology and is targeted for October 7, 2019. The C1 Open-Close file specification will change when the migration is completed, to see file specification for the before and after, please click here.
Fields include:
  • quote_date
  • underlying_symbol
  • root
  • expiry
  • strike
  • type
  • firm_open_buys
  • firm_close_buys
  • firm_open_sells
  • firm_close_sells
  • cust_open_buys_small
  • cust_close_buys_small
  • cust_open_sells_small
  • cust_close_sells_small
  • cust_open_buys_medium
  • cust_close_buys_medium
  • cust_open_sells_medium
  • cust_close_sells_medium
  • cust_open_buys_large
  • cust_close_buys_large
  • cust_open_sells_large
  • cust_close_sells_large
  • series_type
  • product_type
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