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Open-Close Cboe C1 exchange - Subscription

Open-Close data is a volume summary file for trading activity on the C1 exchange. It summarizes and buckets the volume by origin (customer, professional customer, broker-dealer, and market maker), buying/selling, and opening/closing criteria. The customer and professional customer volume is further broken down into trade size buckets (less than 100 contracts, 100-199 contracts, greater than 199 contracts). The data in this format currently goes back to 1/2/2018 and contains all series in an underlying security's chain-if it has volume on C1. For pricing, please see “LiveVol Fees” in the Cboe Exchange Fee Schedule.
Fields include:

*The Cboe Options Exchange (C1) has migrated to Bats technology effective October 7, 2019. To see the file specifications for the before and after, please click here.

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