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Events API

LiveVol’s Events API

Stay on top of corporate events (earnings announcements /ex-dividend dates) with LiveVol’s Events API.
LiveVol’s Earnings Analysis, available through the Events API, calculates each stock’s implied earnings risk premium ahead of earnings announcements and solves for the market implied post-earnings forward volatility. Gauge the market’s current expectations against more than eight years of historical earnings events analysis.
LiveVol’s Events Calendar, also available through Events API, returns confirmed earnings and dividends dates for listed securities. Scanning by date range and symbol list available.



To see the available API Calls associated with the Events API go to

Included with your subscription is the Market Reference Information API. To see the API calls available in this API go to https://api.livevol.com/v1/docs/Help#sectionMarketReferenceInfo

Users can allow bursts to exceed threshold limits. Overage fees will apply at the rates stated below.

Base Thresholds

Rate Limits
User Tier Per Minute Per Day Per Month
1 125 62,500 1,562,500

Allow Burst/Exceed

Rate Limits
User Tier Per Minute Per Day Per Month
1 300

Overage Rates

User Tier Per Call
1 0.050

*Subscribers are responsible for all additional data fees that apply

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