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The equity quotes end-of-day files recap the day’s trading activity in the underlying security.

Open, high, low, close, trading volume and VWAP are included with two NBBO snapshots, one at 15:45 Eastern Time and another at the market close (market closing time is product dependent). On half trading days, the value in the "1545" fields will be taken at 12:45 pm ET but the field names will remain the same.

The ‘close’ represents the Last Traded Price during Regular Trading Hours for the symbol. There will be an additional file called UnderlyingEODSummaries_YYYY-MM-DD.zip that will contain closing marks for the day per symbol/exchange with an identification which exchange is the primary listed market for the underlying.

Available as one-time historical purchase and ongoing daily file subscription

Field List:

Underlying EOD File

  • Underlying Symbol
  • Quote Date
  • Open
  • High
  • Low
  • Close
  • Trade Volume
  • VWAP
  • Best Bid 1545
  • Best Ask 1545
  • Best Bid Eod
  • Best Ask Eod

Underlying EOD Summary file

  • Underlying Symbol
  • Quote DateTime
  • Open or Close
  • Exchange Id
  • Trade Price
  • Trade Condition Id
  • Primary Exchange

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