Wall Street Horizon - Earnings Date Change Messages
  • Equities, ETFs, Indices

Revisions to earnings announcement dates and/or status, for example status change from "tentative" to "verified". 1/1/2006 - present

Also alerts when the earnings announcement date crosses before or after the weekly or monthly option contract expiration.

  • EChangetype
  • Company Names2
  • Stock Symbol
  • Scheduled EA Date (SEAD)
  • Prior EA Date4
  • Time of Day
  • Quarter
  • EChangetime
  • Audit Source1
  • EType
  • Company ID
  • Fiscal year3
  • Opt Exp Code
  • Option Expiration Date5
  • Preliminary Earnings Date6

1 - WSH began capturing audit source January 2008. All prior records will contain BASE.
2 - WSH began capturing company name in August 2013.
3 - WSH began capturing fiscal year in November 2013.
4 - WSH began capturing Prior EA date for NQs in June 2014.
5 - WSH began capturing options expiration in June 2015.
6 - WSH began capturing Preliminary Earnings Date in December 2018.

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Choose a single date by double-clicking the same day. Or choose a date range by clicking once on a start date, and then again on an end date. Date ranges can span multiple months and years.


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