Cboe Australia Equity EOD Summary
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Open, High, Low, Last, Volume, and Trade Count are included. The CXA Closing Price represents the official close for Cboe Australia which is calculated using the Cboe closing price methodology. Summaries are available for Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) listed equity products as well as Cboe Australia (CXA) uniquely listed equities, funds, and warrants.

Available as one-time historical purchase and ongoing daily file subscription.

*If customers wish to distribute Cboe Australia Data to third parties (external distribution), or intend to use the data to calculate Indices, or use to create financial products, or Derived Data, please contact our Cboe Australia Data team for assistance at au.marketdata@cboe.com

Subscription Fees and CXA Product Codes
ASXInternalCXA-DTS-ID ($450/Month)CXA-DTS-C
ASXExternalCXA-DTS-ED ($750/Month)CXA-DTS-V
CXAInternalCXA-UNQ-DTS-ID ($20/Month)N/A
CXAExternalCXA-UNQ-DTS-ED ($20/Month)N/A


A daily file delivery after the Australian market closes to the Cboe DataShop SFTP by 11:00pm AU AEST, 08:00am U.S Eastern.

Historical Data:

Available from February 14, 2020 to present.

One file per day or month depending on your file grouping selection. ASX and CXA listed securities data are provided in the same file if both are selected.


File Specifications

Closing Price Methodology


  • Trade Date
  • Symbol
  • Currency
  • Listed Exchange
  • Venue ID
  • Open
  • High
  • Low
  • Share Volume
  • Last
  • CLOB Turnover
  • Trades
  • Trade Report Turnover
  • Last Trade Date
  • CXA Closing Price

Trading Hours & Holidays:

For market hours, please see Cboe Australia Trading Hours

For upcoming holidays, please see Cboe Australia Market Holidays

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