Cboe Australia Equity Broker Share Report
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The Cboe Australia Equity Broker Share Report is a T+3 report offering a full report, across every trade, occurring at T-3 of publication date. Overnight and Facilitated Trade Reports are included in the report based on the day they are reported and not based upon the AsAtDate/TradeDate.

*If customers wish to distribute Cboe Australia Data to third parties (external distribution), or intend to use the data to calculate Indices, or use to create financial products, or Derived Data, please contact our Cboe Australia Data team for assistance at au.marketdata@cboe.com

Subscription Fees and CXA Product Codes
DistributionBroker ShareBundle (Broker + Market Share)
InternalCXABSR-ID ($350/Month)CXAMSR-C ($500/Month)
ExternalCXABSR-ED ($450/Month)CXAMSR-V ($800/Month)

Please contact us prior to purchase if you'd like to receive the discounted bundle rate when subscribing to this product together with Market Share. Bundling these subscriptions is for purposes of cost savings only. Each product delivers its own daily file and will not be combined.


A daily file delivered on a T+3 schedule available as a monthly or annual subscription.

Historical Data:

Available from June 29, 2016 to present, delivered as one file per trade date.


File Specifications


  • Row Number
  • Message Type
  • Retransmit ID
  • Exchange Code
  • Time Code
  • Chi-X Symbol
  • Buyer Participant ID
  • Seller Participant ID
  • Execution Price
  • Quantity Executed
  • Total Consideration
  • Serial Trade Qualifer
  • Transaction Date
  • Trade Sales Slip Number
  • Buy Order Reference
  • Sell Order Reference
  • Currency Exchange Rate
  • Off Exchange Trade Report
  • Trade Report Type
  • Execution Venue

Trading Hours & Holidays:

For market hours, please see Cboe Australia Trading Hours

For upcoming holidays, please see Cboe Australia Market Holidays

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