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Select your own custom interval from 1 minute to end-of-day.

Each interval snapshot includes open, high, low and closing prices (OHLC), trading volume, Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP), and underlying equity bid/ask

This data set covers U.S. Equities and ETFs primary listed on national equity exchanges (excludes OTC) during Regular Trading Hours (RTH).

*See Subscription and Historical Data sections below for information on Index data.


Intraday or nightly file delivery

To receive data for Indices in subscription product files, customers must hold an active Cboe Global Indices (CGI) license.

Effective June 3, 2024, interval snapshots on indices will no longer be supported.

Historical Data:

Available from 2010 to present

Index data can be purchased by all customers in historical orders regardless of CGI license status.

One file per day or month depending on your file grouping selection. Monthly grouping may not be available for orders with a large number of symbols.


File specification


  • Underlying Symbol
  • Quote Datetime
  • Open
  • High
  • Low
  • Close
  • Trade Volume
  • VWAP
  • Bid
  • Ask

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