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More than 200 different criteria in eight different categories are available to scan against to generate your tailored trading opportunities. There are simply too many possibilities to describe here. The best way to see what’s possible here might be to take it for a test drive in our API Sandbox.
Cboe LiveVol’s Market at a Glance API gives you the power to pull the market information you need, on demand. With one API call, you can come up to speed on the day’s trading activity. Get trades, quotes, implied volatility and market stats on the US equity and options markets. You’ll find the market data you need to power your trading decisions with Cboe LiveVol’s Market at a Glance API.
With the Option Strategy Scanner you can scan for Covered Calls, Cash Secured Puts, Iron Condors, Protective Puts, Call and Put Vertical Spreads. The Option Strategy Scanner will identify the opportunities best matching your criteria for these six popular trading strategies. Find your edge with the Option Strategy Scanner.
Selected by all US option exchanges as the official theoretical price generator for obvious error review, Cboe LiveVol’s theoretical price generator, Theo Calc, is now available via REST API. With the Theo Calc API you can integrate our benchmark theoretical values into your work flow and automate your execution monitoring and error detection.
Cboe LiveVol Time & Sales data, used by every US option exchange and by several large brokers, is now available via API. Subscribe to Cboe LiveVol’s Time & Sales API and have access to tick and trade data across US equities, ETFs, indexes and options. Cboe LiveVol’s Time & Sales API gives you the power to drill down from the National Best Bid and Offer (NBBO) to the top of book quotes across each trading venue to exchange specific quotes on any trading day back to 2011.
Building on Cboe LiveVol’s selection as the official theoretical price generator for obvious error reviews on trades executed on US option exchanges, Cboe LiveVol now offers Trade Review. Trade Review is an expert system wrapped around Cboe LiveVol’s Time & Sales data that steps through the obvious error trade review process to determine if an executed trade may qualify for an adjustment. Trade Review also performs a parity check, calculates the trade’s implied volatility and Greeks, and provides additional benchmarks for monitoring execution quality. Automate your firm’s trade execution workflow by integrating the Cboe LiveVol Trade Review API into your workflow.