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Release Notes

Effective February 5, 2020 on half trading days, the value in the "1545" column in data sets End of Day Option Quotes, End Of Day Option Quotes with Calcs, and End Of Day Equity Quotes will be taken at 12:45 pm ET and the column name of 1545 will be unchanged.
Trades from GTH will be included effective February 5, 2020 in Option Trade Data and Option Trade Data with Calcs data sets. The Excel file format will remain unchanged. GTH trades will be signified by a time stamp between 3:00 am ET and 9:15 am ET. Historical data set purchases in these products will also include GTH trades effective February 5, 2020.
LiveVol’s Earnings Analysis and Events Calendar are available through Events API
Addition of delivery time choice (overnight and intraday) for the below three (3) DataShop Subscription Interval products effective Tuesday December 10, 2019.

We enhanced the timing that data can be delivered to customers for the three (3) DataShop Subscription Interval products. Customers now have the choice of receiving data overnight or intraday. The following DataShop Subscription Interval products data can be delivered during the day with a 15 minute delay.

Option Quotes Intervals – Subscription
Option Quotes Intervals with Calcs – Subscription
Equity & ETF Quotes Intervals – Subscription
After selecting a DataShop API Subscription product and proceeding to Checkout a Customer Information form must be filled out with the Customer's Name, Address, Contact Information, and select Subscription Information which will then auto-populate the applicable DocuSign Agreements requiring only the customer's signature. The customer's account will be activated when LiveVol Support receives necessary approvals from the remaining Data Authorities. Payments are only processed after all necessary approvals have been granted.
Historical data and daily file subscriptions offering on volume summary for trading activity on a single exchange bucketing volume by origin (customer, professional customer, broker-dealer, and market maker), buying/selling, and opening/closing criteria.

Open-Close Cboe BZX exchange
Open-Close Cboe BZX exchange – Subscription
Open-Close Cboe C2 exchange
Open-Close Cboe C2 exchange – Subscription
Open-Close Cboe EDGX exchange
Open-Close Cboe EDGX exchange – Subscription
OPRA Data (Bulk) Discontinued
Tuesday October 1, 2019

The OPRA Data (Bulk) product has been discontinued and removed from the DataShop product catalog
We have updated the implied underlying price calculation, which is used as an input for volatility calculations for index products and included as a field in the data files listed below. The code change addressed situations where expirations with wider quotes resulted in no implied underlying being calculated and where there wasn’t agreement on the forward price within an expiration. We relaxed certain quote width requirements to better generate implied underlying values for those situations.

  • Option Quotes Intervals with Calcs
  • End-of-Day Option Quotes with Calcs
Greeks and Volatility Calculations Update -Tuesday, August 20, 2019
Several enhancements to Greeks and volatility calculations were made and an issue with implied underlying price calculation was addressed.
NBBO and Level 2 Calculation Updates -Tuesday, July 30, 2019
In reviewing our data processing methodology, we have identified and resolved issues with our (N)BBO and Level 2 (Top of Book) calculations, which, in certain circumstances, may have potentially impacted the data sets listed below. Our analysis shows the issues may have resulted in certain quote conditions being excluded from the calculations in certain cases.

  • Equity & ETF Quotes Intervals
  • End-of-Day Equity Quotes
  • Option Quotes Intervals
  • Option Quotes Intervals with Calcs
  • End-of-Day Option Quotes Data
  • End-of-Day Option Quotes with Calcs
  • Options Trade Data
  • Options Trade Data with Calcs