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Estimate Your Usage

API Endpoint Request Type Number of Symbols Request Frequency Points

Total Points (Monthly):

Recommended Subscription:

Estimated Price:

* Recommended subscription and estimated price are approximations and intended for informational purposes only. Please contact us at sales@livevol.com with any questions.

Fee Schedule

User Tier API Limits Monthly Base Price Overage Rates
Free 100 points/day $0 n/a
Tier 1 20,000 points/mo. $99 $0.01/point
Tier 2 250,000 points/mo. $799 $0.005/point
Tier 3 1,250,000 points/mo. $2,499 $0.004/point
Tier 4 4,000,000 points/mo. $4,599 $0.0025/point


Points by API Request

All subscribers will have access to make live, delayed, and historical requests.

If you have chosen a subscription with a licensed data provider:

  • For live subscriptions, you must call the live endpoint to return data from the licensed data provider.
  • For delayed subscriptions, you must call the delayed endpoint to return data from the licensed data provider.


API Method Request Type
Delayed (points/request) Historical (points/request)
Market at a Glance option-and-underlying-quotes 4 8 3
Market at a Glance underlying-quotes 4 8 3
Market at a Glance all-option-trades 15 30 -
Time & Sales option-trades 15 30 15
Time & Sales underlying-trades 15 30 15
Reference expirations 1 -
Reference symbols 1 -
Reference trading-days 1 -
Reference exchanges 1 -
Reference message-conditions 1 -
Reference currencies 1 -

Live data requests comprise data less than 15 minutes old. Delayed data requests comprise data 15 minutes old until open of next business day. Historical data requests comprise data older than 1 business day.